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Propel Recovery Services

Professional Judgment Enforcement


Propel Recovery Services is the premier judgment enforcement  solution for individuals and businesses who have won a court judgment, but have been unable to collect the money owed. We understand that obtaining the judgment is just half of the battle...

The real challenge is getting paid.

Our team of professional judgment enforcers can drive, push, and move forward the successful collection of the money owed to you. During our judgment enforcement process we garnish wages, seize personal or business assets, and more. The court can't collect the money for you, but we can!

Isn't it about time someone was on your side? 

We Specialize in Collecting Money Judgments

Collecting from a business, or its owners, can be more nuanced than collecting from an individual. Business debtors often run from collection by changing names or dissolving the business. The owners may attempt to hide behind the "corporate veil" to avoid debts. These tactics, however, may have flaws that you may not be aware of. 


Propel Recovery Services has effective strategies to disrupt a business debtor's ability to transact business until it, or its owners, have satisfied the judgment!

Whether it was for a loan, a business deal, or some form of contracted work, when someone doesn't keep their promises to you it can leave you in a financial bind. And someone who has already lied to you or taken your money without paying it back definitely isn't going to suddenly do the right thing now. The court may give you a judgment, but they won't force the debtor(s) to pay. 

That's why involuntary legal actions are necessary, and that's what Propel Recovery Services specializes in!

Enforcing a judgment against a debtor that works for themselves can be challenging. After all, a handyman isn't going to garnish his own wages. In fact, they probably don't even pay themselves a paycheck and take cash jobs to hide their income! So what can be done? There are legal ways to interrupt a business', or self-employed individual's ability to conduct business.

Propel Recovery Services knows how to use the legal system to force business owners into paying quickly!

The unexpected can happen to any of us. A car accident and the person at fault has no insurance; or, you're walking your dog and someone else's dog attacks your fur baby. Oh no! Your pet is taken care of at the vet, but the other dog's owner refuses to pay the vet bills. Irresponsible people like these will never suddenly gain a conscience and pay the judgment award now. So sad!

Propel Recovery Services can effectively use the legal system to make these debtors pay at last!

Collecting a Judgment

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We find where debtors work, how they get paid, & what assets they own.

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We garnish earnings, seize property, execute against assets, and more.

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You finally get paid with no out of pocket costs to you. It's that simple.

Our Leadership

Dom Leon

With more than two decades of professional debt collection and judgment enforcement experience, Dom has successfully led legal teams charged with collecting debt portfolios in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Now as President of Propel Recovery Services, he brings the industry's best practices with him to extract the money owed to our clients.

"My drive to collect is personal. It's about the principle of the matter because I myself have been wronged by someone who thought they could get away with it. That's why I push. That's why my team at Propel Recovery Services will not relent until the judgment debtors are finally forced to recompense. Only then can our clients move forward from their collections nightmare."

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What to Expect

When we enforce a judgment, we handle the attorneys, we pay the costs of collection, and we deal with the debtor so you don't have to.


We keep you informed about the steps to collect the money owed and are available to answer your questions. 


Many debtors claim that they themselves do not have the money to pay. This may or may not be true. But in reality, whether they have the money in hand or not, most debtors could come up with money if they felt it was necessary. They just need the right motivation. We look to take effective involuntary legal actions against the debtor to either capture the debtor's hidden assets/income; or, to force a debtor to come up with the money needed to satisfy the judgment. That's why we succeed!


We handle all aspects of the judgment enforcement process and cover the associated costs.


We only get paid if you get paid so we are relentless in our efforts to collect.


Involuntary legal actions have been proven to resolve even the most difficult cases.



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