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Our Process


Authorize us to enforce your judgment

The first step in getting paid the money owed to you is contacting our office and authorizing us to enforce your judgment. Once you have assigned your case to us, we will be relentless in our pursuit of collecting the money owed.


  • We handle the paperwork and deal with the attorney

  • We pay the court costs and fees associated with collection

  • We handle all of the communications with your debtor

  • We do all of this and more so you don't have to



We find work, bank, and asset information

Our in-house skip tracers can locate employment, business, and asset information on the most difficult of debtors. We can use private investigators and we have access to sensitive information databases that help us uncover how your debtor is earning a living and/or where they are hiding their money. Once we have located this information, we can then move forward with the steps necessary to enforce the judgment.



We take involuntary legal actions

You wouldn't be here if you didn't already know that your debtor isn't going to pay on their own. The ONLY way to get paid is through involuntary legal actions. That's it. We obtain very specific court orders that allow us to capture money and assets from the debtor.

Wage garnishments capture a significant portion of a debtor's income from each paycheck. Non-wage levies may capture all of the debtor's non-exempt money. A writ of execution captures other assets. The aforementioned actions are general and may not be specific to your debtor, but these are some of the very real judgment enforcement tools we use. 



The debtor is finally held accountable

It's at this point that the debtor can no longer hide or run. They will either satisfy the debt, or deal with the consequences of garnishment and other executions until the judgment has been paid in full plus interest and fees awarded.


Not only are we highly motivated to recoup our costs, but we are driven to collect the entire amount as soon as possible. Your success is our success!

With no out of pocket risk to you, isn't it time to put Propel Recovery Services on your case? Send us your judgment here.

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